How to Root Android with PC Windows By Means of KingRoot APK?

How to Root Android with PC Windows Using KingRoot App?. Android is the most used device in the world, at present 800 million users are using the Android devices. To get control our phone, we need to root our device. For rooting, we have much software available in the market. KingRoot is one of the Android rooting application, using this application user can root their mobile with just one click. How to root android phone with PC KingRoot?. Once user roots their mobile, they can unlock many features and install several apps, we can also boost up our mobile and save the battery life, we can block ads in any applications and like this, when we root our mobile, we had benefited many more features. So, get the KingRoot application and install it in your mobile then How to Root Android with PC your mobile and get control over your device.

How to Root Android Device? We can root our Android device with PC or without PC. The KingRoot is accessible for the Windows PC, KingRoot for PC enables the user to root their Android device easily from Windows PC. So, to install this KingRoot for PC, the user need to initially download the exe file from the official page of KingRoot for PC web portal. You can learn How to Root Android Phone? As using this KingRoot, we can root our Android device without PC. But, there is also KingRoot PC version is available, just because, this KingRoot PC version application supports many devices compared to KingRoot Android version.

Why Should We Root Our Android Device?

How to Root Android with PC? By rooting your Android device, a user acquires many benefits and they get control over their mobile. Using KingRoot, we can root our device easily by one click method. By How to Root Android Tablet with KingRoot, the user had a number of benefits which are our Android device speed up, remove ads, save battery life, better back up, customisation, make many Android experiences, modify the older Android device as latest version device, uninstall bloatware, install many apps and other benefits. So, better to root your Android device, if you want to un root the rooted device, it is also an easy process, we need to just tap on the one-click method to unroot our device.

How to Root Android with PC
How to Root Android with PC KingRoot APK?

KingRoot for PC

How to Root Android Phone Manually? Prior to Root our Android device with PC, a user needs to back up their Android device, because sometimes, of the rooting method fails, we lost all the data on our mobile. That’s why, for safety, it’s better to back up our device. And one more thing, while rooting your device, make sure that your Android device had minimum 50% charged. The third-party root tool i.e. KingRoot gives less and easy method with higher success rate.

How to Root Android With PC KingRoot APK?

How to Root Android Phones? We can easily root our Android device with KingRoot Apk without PC. For that, a user needs to download the KingRoot Apk. For that, they need to enable the unknown sources on your Android device. Then install then launch the KingRoot Apk, just click on the one click root to start your rooting process. How to Root Android With Computer? Many of the cases, the result will the failed, try some more times, if the result failed continuously, then you can start rooting your device with PC version. Compared to without PC, with PC version, the success rate will be more.

How to Root Android with KingRoot on Windows PC?

How to Root Android by Kingroot? We can simply root our Android device with KingRoot application by just one click. To root our device, we must need the internet connection, USB cable, minimum 50% battery level and device should be powered on. Here below are the steps or method to root Android device with KingRoot on Windows PC. Please go through the steps then start rooting your device.

·      To How to Root Android with PC, user initially, need to download the KingRoot PC exe file.

·      After downloaded the exe file, set up then install the application (As the insulation process happens on the Chinese language, if you want to know the details, you can please open the google translator) or here in the below, we are translating the words.

1.   Tap on the Chinese word “下一步 (Next)” to go to next screen (取消 (Cancel).

2.   After that,  choose the button “我同意此协议” (terms and conditions) then tap on “下一步” (Next).

·      Now, choose the location which you want to save the file, make it default, then you can tap on the “下一步” (Next)

·      Now, the installation process will begin.

·      After completion of installation, to finish the set up, you need to tap on the “完成” (completed) button.

·      Connect your Android device to PC with USB cable.

·      Now, you need to connect your Android device to PC using USB cable (when asks to set up the debugging mode).

How to Root Android with PC
How to Root Android with PC Windows

·      Once after connected, then the program will detect to your Android device, whether the connection supports or not. If you already have the KingRoot, then the KingRoot automatically detect, if not install KingRoot PC.

·      Now, allow the USB cable debugging on your device, on the settings option on your mobile, about phone session, on build number session, click on enter 7 times to become developer. Then now, on settings, under the developer options, on USB debugging, allow the button.

·      Then tap on the start to root button, to root your Android device. Please do not click on any button or unplug the device while rooting. The rooting may take few minutes.

·      After completion of rooting, then the mobile automatically restarts, and successfully rooted message pop-ups on the screen.

·     how to root android phone with PC Kingroot?  To check whether your device is rooted or not, you can download and install the application called root checker on your mobile.

These are the steps to root the Android device with KingRoot PC version. The KingRoot PC version Android 7.0, it supports on Nexus 5X and Nexus 9. Sometimes, the rooting method takes more time or it may cause many issues. In many cases, the KingRoot had stopped while rooting, but it happens frequently. If in case, KingRoot stops, you just reboot your device. The user, any of you facing issues to root your device with PC version, or if you have any queries, you need to please go through the official portal.