How to Root Android without PC [ Windows Computer] KingRoot App?

How To Root Android without PC Using KingRoot App. There are a massive number of smartphone users are there in the world. Those who are using the Android smartphones, we hope they all know about the rooting method. There are many rooting applications are available in the market. Among all, KingRoot is one of the best popular rooting application, which we can root our device by just use the single click method. Almost 70% of people already rooted their devices with many rooting applications.

How to Root Android Phone Without Computer? Those who wish to get control over their mobile, save the battery life, boost up the mobile performance and other benefits with their device, they definitely need to root their device. You have How to root Android with PC windows?. By hearing the word rooting means, it’s hard, but we can just root our device with KingRoot app, by tap on the single button. Yes, we can root our mobile by simply one click on the root button. Here below, we are providing the details about, How To Root Android without PC using the KingRoot app.

What is a KingRoot App?

KingRoot is a popular rooting application for Android users, the main purpose of using this application is, we can root our Android device easily. The KingRoot app supports Android versions of Android 4.2.2 and 5.1 versions. KingRoot application can identify the user Android form consequently and find the weakness of our Android mobile or tablet. If in case, user mobile is unprotected, then the KingRoot will root our mobile within a few minutes. We can root our device with the PC or computer or we can also directly root our device with the app called KingRoot application. This KingRoot app is available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish languages.

How To Root Android without PC
How To Root Android without PC by using KingRoot APP?

KingRoot was developed in the year 2013, which offers many rooting techniques for a huge number of Android devices like Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony and etc. The major purpose of creating this KingRoot application is to assist the Android users to root their devices.

How To Root Android without PC? Those who had rooted their Android mobile, they can get plenty of benefits with it like, install custom ROMs, remove default apps on your mobile and etc. There are a lot of rooting tool apps available for Android device, but compared to other rooting apps, this KingRoot is the best one, we can just root our device by the single click on the rooting option. We can root our android device without PC, you can click on the one-click rooting tool option. KingRoot helps the user, to save their time and trouble of connecting with PC.

Download KingRoot Apk and Steps for How To Root Android without PC

Many of the Android users are not ready for rooting their device just because of the issue of warranty and device damaging and loss of data. So, we recommend this KingRoot is the best app, you can root your device safe and securely without any hazards. This KingRoot one-click rooting application is very easy and user-friendly app, we can root our device simply without PC.

How to Root Android Phone Without Computer? We can install this KingRoot app with Google PlayStore. This application is free of cost; all we have to need is an internet connection and compatible RAM and Android version. Prior to start rooting your device without PC with KingRoot, a user needs to have minimum 50% battery on their device, they need to back up all the data on their device like photos, videos, messages, songs, contacts and etc important data. And they need to allow installation from unknown sources on their device settings option. Below are the steps to download the KingRoot app and how to root our Android device without the use of PC.

·      Download the KingRoot Apk from the official portal of KingRoot page.

·      To run the file, on your mobile settings option, go to the security then enable the link unknown sources.

·      Open the downloaded KingRoot Apk file, then click on install button.

·      After completion of installation, launch the KingRoot app on your mobile.

·      On the home page of KingRoot app, you can view the options start to root.

·      Click on the start root option to root your device.

·      If your Android device doesn’t support, you will receive a message.

·      If your mobile is compatible, then rooting process will start.

·      Within a few minutes, rooting process is done and you will receive the Successful Message.

·      Now, you have successfully rooted your device without PC. You can verify whether your device is rooted or not with the application Root checker app from the Google PlayStore.

How To Root Android without PC. After rooting your device, now you can have all the amazing benefits within are accessible only for the rooted devices on your Android device. With rooted your device, you can enjoy increase your RAM, remove default apps, install custom ROM and etc on your mobile phone. Sometimes, the KingRoot rooting method may fail due to some reasons like no strategy found, for that, the user needs to upgrade their software. If the message unable to root means, it’s because that your Android device is the older version or internet connection may be less.

How to Root Android Without Computer by KingRoot APK?

How to Root Android Without Computer? The rooting process is the little risky process, but mostly success rates are more. But anyway, you have to be careful, sometimes we may lose our mobile information. So, best you need to back up your mobile prior to starting the rooting process. KingRoot app is compatible with almost all the Android versions like Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat versions.

If in case, any of your device not compatible with this KingRoot Apk, you need to please be with the patient still the developers launch the new version. How to Root Android Phone Without Computer? Regularly the developers update the apps and fix the bugs instantly. If in case, KingRoot rooting method fails on many trails, you can go for KingRoot rooting with PC. This is all about How To Root Android without PC. If you have any queries or doubts, you can leave a comment in the below session. To get more details about this app, you can visit the official page of KingRoot app.